Inactive Agreement Definition

Some common synonyms of passive are inactive, inactive, inert and lying down. While all of these words mean “not involved in work or activity,” passive implies immobility or lack of a normally expected response to an external force or influence, and often suggests intentional submission or self-control. While the words inactive and passive have a lot in common, inactive applies to any person or anything that is not in action, operation, or work. The office also manages the Bernard Allen Memorial Drinking Water Fund. This fund is used to sample potentially contaminated private residential wells and provide alternative drinking water to low-income homeowners whose wells are affected. For more information, see the Bernard Allen Legislative Report. While synonyms are inert and passive in their meaning close to each other, the slowness of how they are applied to things implies the powerlessness to move or influence other things; When applied to individuals, it indicates an inherent or habitual inability to perform. Although in some cases almost identical to liabilities, inactivity applies to people who are not employed or occupied, or to their forces or devices. The Contract is any inactive contract that is not entitled to be restored to its active status in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. For more information, see the inactive contract provision in the Terms and Conditions section.

All commercial employees to whom Buyer offers employment and who accept such employment are hereinafter referred to as “hired employees” and any inactive contract employee will be treated as an employee upon return to Buyer or upon commencement of active employment with Buyer or its affiliates. Pre-regulated landfills: The Directorate-General has a separate programme for pre-regulatory and non-industrial landfills which did not accept waste before 1983. The Directorate-General carries out the assessment and rehabilitation of these sites directly. Local governments can carry out the assessment work and request reimbursement if the work has been pre-approved by management. The words prone and passive position are synonymous, but differ in their nuances. In particular, the prone position only applies to people and usually involves malevolence or inertia. The Registered Environmental Consultants Program is the office`s program for privatized monitoring of lower-priority cases where parties voluntarily seek to conduct pollutant assessment and remediation. It should be noted that there are risk-based remediation options for site remediation under the Inactive Hazardous Sites Program, as well as expedited procedures for the treatment of mildly contaminated sites. Refer to the following Web links to determine these options. The Inactive Hazardous Sites Branch (Branch) is responsible for monitoring and approving the assessment and remediation of sites contaminated with hazardous substances.

These sites include historical and recent unintentional releases of hazardous substances and, if present or threatening to groundwater, other pollutants. Excluded are releases related to DEQ permits, hazardous waste depots, farms, federal remediation sites, oil releases, and sites undergoing rehabilitation under the state`s Drycleaning Solvent Cleanup Act (DSCA) program. The Branch monitors corrective actions, enforces the required legislation at sites identified as high priorities, and performs work at orphan sites itself when government resources are available to do so. If, at any time prior to the retirement date, all the conditions set out in the Inactive Contract of the Contractual Plan are met, we will terminate this Agreement. Inactive contract GIAC may terminate this contract by paying the owner the accumulation value in a single sum if, before the start of the pension: o the owner does not make a premium payment for two consecutive years; o the total amount of premium payments made, less partial withdrawals, is less than $2,000; and o the accumulation value at the end of or after such a two-year period is less than $2,000. Note that DEQ has a separate contaminated sites program that removes the liability barrier for buyers who wish to rehabilitate contaminated assets that did not cause contamination. This program only requires the buyer to work on the property to be purchased. Therefore, the responsible parties are still forced to deal with the contamination of these properties, which continues to migrate from the property and possibly harm the residents of neighboring properties. In addition, a current owner can apply for an agreement under the Brownfield Reuse Ready program that would protect and encourage buyers.

None of these BFP agreements release a party responsible for the fight against uncontrolled contamination. .