Zambian Affidavit Form

i) A completed form “A” and “N” for adults and “B” and “M” for persons under 16 years of age (ii) The applicant should contact the registration office for more information. vii) Copy of marriage certificate for married applicants IMPORTANT: These must be taken without a hat, hair extensions, earrings and full necklace. One of them must be confirmed by a recommender. viii) Copies of children`s birth certificates or child support affidavits to note/register in passport) Two (2) current biometric passport photos with a white background (35 x 45 mm). Tel: 00 260 211 228197 and fax number: 00 260 211 221128 travel documents are only issued in case of emergency and are only valid for a maximum of six (6) months of the one-way validity clause for persons returning to Zambia. (iv) Two (2) current biometric passport photos, one of which must be approved by a recommender. (vii) Copy of the NRC and copies of the parents` passport (vi) A photocopy of the National Registration Card (NRC) (i) A photocopy of any of the following: marriage certificate, divorce certificate or certificate Survey bank: Commerzbank BerlinAccount: 266015701BLZ: 100 400 00 v) A photocopy of the birth certificate or affidavit iii) A duly completed form for the description of the lost passport “L” APPLICATION FOR A NEW PASSPORT, REPLACEMENT OF A LOST OR DAMAGED PASSPORT A name change that is not made by marriage or adoption must be proven by the presentation of evidence demonstrating that a gullible change was made for any purpose. For more details on the matter, you can contact the consular officer of the embassy at the following telephone numbers: – 4. PROCEDURE FOR OBTAINING IDENTITY TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: ii) A duly completed travel document (available at the Embassy). .